Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Apollo Health Check Up experience

Apollo, we got carried away by the mega brand name. We shifted from our regular annual medical check up at Wockhardt, Cunnigham road to Apollo clinic Malleswaram. As a part of regular annual health check up for being diabetic, i have been following the routine to check on my sugar levels and triglyceride content in the blood.

To begin the saga, the location of Apollo clinic seems to an ideal venue, which can be easily spotted on the 5th cross just near the underpass. The primary advantage of this clinic is the limited parking facility in the basement, whereas Wockhardt does not have inside parking and we have to go early and park it on the main road itself or side roads or Valet parking is arranged.. After waiting for some time we underwent the fasting blood test procedure. Next to our surprise they said that there is no water facility and we cannot organise for breakfast. We just curiously checked with them they said they will give us 20 bucks rebate each for breakfast. I just told them please keep the change in your kitty we are advised to have a heavy breakfast and off we trudged to Halli Mane. We had a lovely breakfast in a hygenic atmosphere, puri, pongal and masala dosa. It was surprising to note that during postprandel blood test they recommend light breakfast. It was a contradictory opinion particularly for checking the diabetic variation.

Then we had chest x-ray taken and confirmed with the technician how many x-rays can we get exposed to in a lifetime, for which he did not have proper answer ? We moved on to ECG, which a Mallu Nurse quickly completing the procedure. The same nurse was engaged to complete the TMT procedure too. She was training the xray technician to undertake TMT procedure in future. I was able to withstand the stress test walk for 8 minutes which is a good tolerance level, i presume for 48 year old. Than we underwent post prandel blood test. The weighing was completed and to my surprise i had put on 2 kgs, which was a little let down.

We were supposed to undergo sonography or ultrasound to check on our abdomen kidney, lever, prostrate etc. The doctor concerned gave us the reading too, which i may not remember anyways, he seemed quite skillful. But before we underwent this procedure, we had to wait nearly 1 and half hours and we used our time to catch up with shopping, but one gentlemen was totally annoyed with the receptionist and he started blasting them left right and centre to have kept him on wait for 1 hour. The FIFO procedure too was given go by. We were first to arrive, but somebody who had come almost was made to undergo test first. Amazing technique was followed. The mineral water was to be provided which the clinic was not able to procure, so we bought 2 acquafina from the market and filled our gullet or bladder.

In the meanwhile my wife had to undergo gynaecology check which was given a go since the doctor concerned had packed up. My wife was upset, but anyways we asked them to keep all the reports ready for wednesday and we said we will be back to complete the rest of the check up in the evening. So the saga continues............Let me not come to any judgement till we undergo the balance part of diagonsis or health check package

Disclaimer : I would rather be neutral on recommending Apollo since first time around in Apollo mumbai in 2000 we had a nice check up and the right approach with plenty of breakfast to check diabetic parameter.  The review is on the franchisee of Apollo, one can expect deficiency in procedures and set up

Update : Yesterday we had been to Apollo to get the follow up on Phyician, Dental and optho, they were all professional to the core, except that timings was not maintained, luckily there is Kanti sweet restaurant and we had pav bhaji and alu tikki to pass time. Parking was not available. The reports were all in borderline and it was revealation that i have to walk the talk.  Once again the private canvassing of doctors to visit their clinic is a total let down.  It is obviously eating into the revenue of the parent organisation.  The example i have quoted in Fortis review holds good.

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