Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had always vied to possess a video cam for shooting beautiful sceneries and action sequence.  I decided to check out on  a holiday to buy a good one.  I visited  E Zone showroom where I thought I will get a good deal.   But unfortunately the response from their sales staff was not so supportive.   I gave up and then visited WHIZZ showroom to check out.  The salesperson over there was just cunning like a fox, I fell into the trap.  He convinced me to buy Samsung 173i DC VP brand.  He promised me regarding the performance, of the cam, which does not have night shot provision  Further on top of it I was charged Rs 19990, Rs 1490 above the MRP.  Samsung cam had 3 years warranty, which at that time. Sony was not providing, which I had in mind.  Now Sony is providing 3 years warranty.  
It is real shocker for me because the Label on the box is Rs 24990/- with Samsung seal.  I checked their website and I found that  Rs 18500/- is the actual MRP.  Now my attention was all diverted towards collecting evidence that he has overcharged.  I collected the Samsung brochure from Digital showroom which clearly mentioned MRP as Rs 18500/- for DC VP 173i.  I approached the cunning salesperson and threatened to take WHIZZ and Samsung company to the court, for which he was definitely guilty.  Luckily I preserved the out box.  He reluctantly parted with Rs 1500/- excess charged.  I can’t imagine how a reputed company is allowing the dealer to print its own Label, or if the prices have been slashed and the company has not made it public.  Sony too had slashed it prices and immediately informed all dealers to bring down the prices, which is ethical way of doing business.      

Now, the functions of the set is not satisfactory at all.  The company had provided a trial version of Inter video software which company person and dealer have been claiming all throughout, we never give trial version.  However I installed the CD, despite promise of HOME Demo by the dealer WHIZZ.  After 21 days, the trial software expired and obviously it had to be deleted and reloaded wherein some sort of virus to jam the functions have been embedded.  Consumers should be wary of intalling trial version, whether in games or other software.  The company person wanted to desperately take back the original CD from me which I refused to hand over.           
The DVD function in 173i is not at all upto the mark.  The battery indicator goes off after half discharge so rapidly, that it corrupts the DVD recording.  One may not get to view the same or finalize the DVD.  The recording on the memory stick works fine but it is VGA version, therefore the resolution is very bad.  Basically this cam is suited for well lit indoor shooting with adequate lighting only.  Outdoor shoots picture quality is not upto the mark.  Overall I would not recommend this product even though they are providing 3 years warranty.  Funny part is that they have only one service centre located in one corner of the city.  Sony has 4 showrooms, I had to go for Sony H3, which had beautiful video recording quality on a still camera, even though it is VGA version.  Consumers are advised utmost caution when they decide to buy Samsung product, because they support the dealers with hefty margins and be wary of buy @ WHIZZ who manipulate MRP labels itself..

After a regular follow up and servicing centre visits, I found the samsung team was able to get the DVD camcorder running.  But I was not given solution for viewing the DVD immediately.  One fine day I got a call from Ganesh that a new and improved software full version is ready I can come and collect it.  

I went on the appointed day and collected the software from
Krishna who has recently joined the organisation, but was kept informed by Ganesh even though he was on tour to Bellary.

The first day I installed the software and was unable to still view the DVD.   I started using the software, which is wonderful as one keeps learning.  Again I did not want to give up mastering the usage of software for editing the DVD from the camera.  

It is is a little complicated process, the version which I saw in their showroom played on USB being connected but this software does not download automatically.  Which means one has to use the technical skill inorder to download.  

Meanwhile I tried to use the software to edit my images for video formatting to upload on Youtube.  I just tried various methods of editing photos and videos it worked.  I was able to upload, but other features such as compression I have to learn still.

I only hope Samsung improves and appoints personnel who are expert in software installation so that the demo is provided in the dealers showroom.  

Epilouge :  The final tryst with Samsung service was when i gave the camcorder for repair, it was corrected after 45 days, my warranty had expired but still they fulfilled the promise of ensuring the DVD drive working.  Hope it lasts me for another 5 years, since i have paid a fortune for this contraption

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