Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Butterfly in my Tummy

After a decade of using Philips Mixie, we decided to buy a new mixie. Some of our concerns before buying a brand were as follows : 

a) High wattage grinding power for Dosa batter.
b) Warranty 
coverage of 3 years.
c) Quality steel Jars for grinding.
d) Option of Four jars with Juicer option
e) Servicing network and Brand.

We evaluated various brand options such as Bajaj, Philips, Preeti, Sumeet, Usha, etc across all the malls and kitchen outlets. Some mixies met our criteria in terms of 4 jars, but on warranty front most of the mixies were offering only 1 year. However I suddenly remember one of my acquaintance happens to work for Butterfly group. I took a chance and got in touch with him. Hurray  he confirmed that Butterfly offers 3 guarantee for their mixies, which was really heartening.

Equipped with the information we approached their showroom at Double road, and chose Emerald Plus which suited the looks and our budget with a decent discount thrown in as an incentive. We decided to purchase the mixie and check out its features at home.  This mixie was close to Philips mixie which we were using.

The user manual and their demo CD has been well developed for users to initiate into the world of grinding. Some old myths were exploded, such cleaning of the mixie, just add a few drops of detergent powder and clean the jars to whip out all the hidden left overs under the blade seemed user friendly. Next coming to fine chopping carrots, coconuts, onions etc, usage of the small jar is ideal. Eureka we discovered a new way of cutting down the tears in the eyes after chopping onions. Juice making in their contraption was another experience altogether. Good bye to drudgery. Our minor request to the company too was also taken care promptly regarding the feature which we were always used to.  This feature was safety locking on the lid, otherwise the tendency of entire stuff being thrown off, due to internal pressure.

I am sure housewives around the country would opt. for in house manufactured brand of mixie. Some of the reputed brands have been outsourcing the product to large extent. When 3 years warranty is there to back up why worry was our motto. I am sure my wife will cook me delicious and yummy dishes with aid of Butterfly mixie. There will be more butterflies in my tummy to metabolise in future Lol. The best way to locate a store is get in touch with their office, since product is not widely distributed in view of the dealer dominated trade.  Dealers in the line of business determine the success of the brand depending on their margin.  Since i have worked for a kitchenware company i am perfectly aware of the trade psychology. 

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