Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have bought SONY H3 from Reliance Digital in March 2008, in view of its feaures. It has 10 x zoom and 8.1 mp resolution. Most of the features can be mastered in quick succession. The stamina battery which is supposed to last for 3 days does not last that long. Of course one has to re charge at the end of the day. One can shoot as many as 551 pictures if one juggles with 8/5/3 MP resolution settings. If one requires high 8 MP pictures for print then one can go for it, otherwise switch on the 5 OR 3 MP. The face detection and flash settings operate on their own logic still i have to figure out how. Luckily the steady shot feature does work, so far only 2 blurr photographs are taken out of 551 pictures. I was not able to have the music review on slideshow. It requires registration through the CD. The colours due to cloudy atmosphere seems a little dull, despite me setting the image brightness feature to plus bar. After downloading the picture browser through the CD i am not able to register the product nor delete the software from the system. I am stuck I have to clarify how to download music now, this feature is available to certain countries only

PURCHASE OUTLET : Reliance digital at Cunningham Road. They offered me Brothers Printer with additional payment of Rs 2500. After sales service under 3 year warranty scheme will be carried out only by authorised showrooms. Reliance digital will not undertake any service, nor are they competent, so please don t get carried away by their sales talk. SERVICE CENTRES : Sony has 4 service centres in Blore and they are planning for spares centralised factory in Blore. Very professional i got my flash settings corrected with 5 minutes and software problem clarified.


8 MP resolution
10 X optical zoom
2.5 LCD screen
9 settings incl. Manual
Battery -
Video recording
Software compatible for Youtube & metacafe.
1 GB memory card - expandable to 4 GB
Battery charger
Download cable
GPS location .
Musical slideshow
On screen editing.
Camera Pouch can cause scratches on LCD

The after sales service of SONY is excellent, their main service centre is located on Mysore Road.  I got my blurring of pictures corrected the first time around.  Secondly the flash blew off and it was replaced.  Thirdly the settings button was damaged, this too was changed.  All these repairs would have costed at least 5 k if 3 years warranty was not applicable.  Now i have decided to use the camera once a way so that it lasts for another 3 years post warranty expiry.

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