Monday, April 25, 2011

Reliance Reliable ?

The big dilemma when you recruit is whether to stick to merit or go for recommended candidate. On the hindsight my decision to recruit AB purely on his merit and all round capability proved to be the right decision. I chose to recruit AB ( not to be mistaken for Amitabh Bachhan Lol ) for his sheer integrity and versatile character. After advertising for a vacancy one tends to get lot of prospective candidates particularly if a company happens to be Kurl-on which is a market leader. One dynamic lady too applied for the post, but she made a mistake of calling up my boss and putting pressure on me indirectly to recruit. I refused to bog down to peer pressure and i am happy i made the right choice and selected AB for the vacant post..........oops sorry guys for the digression, but it is relevant to this review on Reliance landline connection.

One fine August day i received a call from one acquaintance stating that Reliance Landline is the best, i said why not send your rep i will go for it. I was wary of BSNL at that point of time, and i was happy with their broad band experience. On 16/8/2006 I filled in the forms and gave the cheque in favour of B.V.Telecom for Rs 1350 for landline connection from Reliance. I complied with all the formalities for getting the connection for my office, with id proof, residential address proof, PAN card, etc.
I was promised landline connection within 3 days, but after a week i received a call stating that my connection has been refused since i don t possess a gas connection. This was height of ridiculous statement that i have come across. Landline refused for want of gas connection for an office. I accepted the decision of Reliance representative gracefully and requested for refund of my hard earned money which was already encashed by the distributor.
The horror story began, i ran from pillar to post to get my refund. The distributor switched his address twice from his original location. All the Reliance representatives started refusing attending to phone calls after checking out the number being displayed. They must have obviously marked my name as idiot or danger.
Next option to me was to communicate to their customercare, who responded with request to furnish them details of deposit paid etc. All their customercare executives were only promising resolution, but promises were never meant to be kept. Meanwhile i went in search of the acquaintance who had recommended, she too had vanished from her job. Now i started doubting whether Reliance is really reliable ?

I went to Reliance world at Cunningham road and expressed my problem encountered with refund. They just feigned ignorance despite being their regular customer for broadband. Here too i noticed lot of manipulation on pre-paid purchase of broad band time, wherein employees pocketed the surplus on bulk scheme. However since it was centrally located i used the connection regularly day in day out. I was happy with the broadband speed.
The easiest thing was now to approach the consumer court to get redressal, but that is not what a hardcore marketing professional would do. It is perseverance which pays. I started regularly sending reminders, but hopes started diminishing day by day. Time flew now it was nearing 4 years.
One fine day i came to know our AB was working for Reliance group company in Mumbai, i just casually referred the problem to him. He asked me to send me all the correspondence and details to his e-mail id, which i gleefully obliged. He forwarded the same to his contact at Rel com. Behold there was a call from Sa. She said she wanted all the details and bank statement etc. I furnished the same. Again there was a lull.

One fine day she said my problem is resolved, oh my goodness at last my hard earned money is getting refunded i thought. But they refused to pay me by means of a cheque ? i gave them an alternative why not debit the draft or pay order charges and send me draft to my address. She said it is not possible. I was compelled to go to their office and collect the cash ? I had to express my dissatisfaction that after nearly four years you are settling the amount that too without interest. I have to spend my valuable time and money to travel all the way to other extreme corner to collect my legitimate due. Minus Rs 150 bucks fuel expense Lol. She said that the distributor is sacked, which i take it with a pinch of salt. All the concerned have quit the company etc. What surprised me was her statement that i made a mistake of giving cheque in the name of the franchisee. At that point of time only franchisee were authorised to collect deposit, which i had questioned later. Anyways she hand over a cover with cash for Rs 1350/- to bring the refund issue to its logical conclusion.

Anyways ALL IZZ WELL that ends well, it is now for you all to judge whether Reliance is Reliable or not.

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