Thursday, June 30, 2011

UID Mess Up ?

I believe the top notch echelon of beaureacracy were involved in devising a strategy for developing and implementing UID.  It was launched with great fanfare on saturday 25/6/11 with 10 post offices premises being authorised in Bangalore but private agencies involved in ensuring compliance.

The idea of creating a common identity for an Indian with biometric should be ensured quickly and efficiently without compromising on the safeguards.  I found to my surprise ultimately UID can become a money making racket with application forms not being numbered or serialised.  It would lead to mad scramble and duplication.  Once an application is issued, it has to be serialised, cell nos obtained, so that the token no and date and timing can be sent by SMS to the concerned, for submission date along with documents enclosed.

There are four categories of identification documents to be submitted for POI, POA, POR & DOB.  Each category has a detailed list of acceptable documents, one more  column national population register survey no is included.  All these are cumbersome process involved along with biometic.  The huge wastage of stationery, power and manhours in processing is envisaged with expenditure incurred on pvt agencies.  This process will be prolonged and it could extend upto 3 years with migrant population increasing in Bangalore.

Further the storage of  hard copies or scanning the same for soft copy or shredding will all amount to logistic mess up.  God forbid if these documents fall into possession of  criminals, we can expect white collar crimes in terms of opening fake bank accounts, and cell connection are only few examples. 

Solutions :  Bangalore being an IT city, it is better to experiment online registration by including the criteria for registration and ultimately being physically made available for biometric.  The application submitted on line can be physically verified by the concerned with originals or with IT Dept or Election commission. For example :

1. Pan Card  2.  Election Id card 3 Passport copy  4 Cell number etc.

This will take off a huge burden of processing by the pvt parties concerned.  The queue system will be regulated and transperant.  Current system of handing over xerox copies of the documents is always filled with danger, with our pan card xerox copy can be misused or passport copies can misued to open a fake bank account or obtain a cell number.

The outlet for handling such a huge task will be quicker if  Bangalore one is opened up, their staff are experts in this field after having handled issuance of passport.  Even premises and facilities of  IT and Software companies can be utilised to expediate the process.  Instead of  taking almost 3 years to issue an IUD for the entire populace of  Bangalore, if it is completed with 3 months it will be feather in the cap of  UID management. Currently Karnataka is grappling with the issue of weeding out fake ration card, out of  1.5 crore ration card nearly 50% are bogus.  How can we ensure that fake or duplicate ID s are not issued is serious question which remains to be answered

Our PM states that UID can bring down corruption drastically, prima facia yes it can bring down corruption but it has to be implemented in the truest sense.  De facto if the UID is linked to bank accounts, credit cards, and other commercial transactions it can monitor an individual s income levels and spending pattern.  This will act as a cue for the IT department to assess the income levels of an individual.  UID combined with cellphone nos, a citizen can be tracked for his movement too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bombay Viking Live

Leave Office early today campaign almost came a cropper for the organisers with rain gods pouring in and around the venue.  The show which was scheduled to begin at 6 pm and to be wound up by 9 pm started almost two hours behind schedule.  The assembled crowd had to bear with a brave emecee who had to resort to all sorts of gimmicks to keep the crowd quiet and entertained.  I believe the show was well managed considering the odds of monsoon shower disrupting the show, the organisers ensured that it had to be indoor venue.  Car parking was free unlike other shows.  The security of the family crowd was well maintained, for the first time i saw bouncers employed apart from private security guards, there was no visibility of any cops around, which is a great achievement in itself. 

Neeraj Sridhar whose album Kya Surat hai catapulted him to the singing arena was the highlight of the program and thankfully he sung it at around 9.15 pm a full half an hour before so that the crowd can start dispersing in an orderly manner.  Lucky Ali inaugrated the live concert with lighting of the lamp.  It would have been a surprise if he had joined the singing along with Neeraj sridhar, but he look leave as soon as one or two numbers were sung by Neeraj Sridhar.

Who Chaali Woh Challi was another chart buster, which made the crowd go bonkers.  This song witnessed crowd go into jig in their enclosures and the stage too had some dancers swinging their hips.  The sound system was a disappointment to a large extent maybe the technical aspects of fury of nature was not taken into consideration while setting up the same.  The big screen was a face saving feature which enabled the enthusiastic crowd in the back bench to sit and enjoy the show.

I was fortunate to be allowed into the corporate enclosure and close to VIP arena, i had a comfortable table to be seated and shot the photo and videos.  I witnessed how the crowd of gatecrashers were being managed by the bouncers and security.  Overall Bombay Viking show did not flop and it was good to notice that the crowd was decent and restrained in their enjoyment of the show.  I suspect leave early campaign was an excuse to many passholders to have their private parties at home rather than being stuck up at the venue.  I believe we packed up too early to listen to his latest no in Ready Mai karo toh sala character dheela hai, tum karo toh sala character rangeela hai.  Overall the Neeraj Sridhar show did not flop because the organisers ensured that.  Hats off to Tatatele, the sponsorers of the show.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Married in B W celeberated silver jubilee in colour

In 1986 it was an era of  black and white photographs. I vividly remember we attended the marriage of  Murali in Chidambaram on a scorching summer of 11th June, We colleagues had travelled all the way from Chittoor to attend the wedding of the early birds Murali and Vanitha.  This vague memory of the black and white era faded till i recieved a surprise call from my friend Murali that he is inviting us to participate in the silver jubilee celeberation of his wedding in Manor Towers, comfort Inn at Chennai. 

How the transformation from black and white era in celeberations or coverage of events in one life has taken place is amazing.  Our lives took a transformation from 1990 onwards virtually with colleagues joining different organisations.  Murali joined Levers and took his career on a growth path with assignments in beverage, animal feeds and ice cream  Pandu  joined Gillette and Reckit & Benkaiser, Mohan joined J & J and Kevin Care, Kaladharan joined Godrej and Butterfly, Balaram joined Ruchi and Fresh & Honest, Raja Reddy joined Alwyn and Duncan and self joined Kurl-on & Hindustan Pencils. 

After a gap of twenty five years we all have developed shades of grey hair, some prefer to die it and some flaunt it as symbol of experience.  Our kith and kins have been approaching marriagable age, and taking up gainful employment in different areas of interest.  Nevertheless some of  not overtly perturbed by niggling health problems in the form of  BP & Diabetes.  We have been lucky to be blessed by supporting spouses who have laid the foundation for the future.

We are happy to have graduated from an era of  black and white into colour.  Life is ever changing and full of surprises like the seasons of nature.  When we look down the memory lane we find that we have met all our goals and now in the process of entering a retired life.  Life is just a journey, one has to travel its full length with suitable breaks and breather.  Guys enjoy the drive and share your joys in coloured format with your friends and relatives.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Silver Jubilee celeberation of a beautiful couple

When Archimedes proclaimed give me a LEVER, I shall lift the world.  Yes this is what our dear friend and ex colleauge Murali did yesterday on the occasion of  his 25th wedding anniversary.  He literally leveraged and cheer lead from the front with his wife Vanitha and children acting as support team.  In his speech he took us back into future with his anecdotes and lavish praise for family and friends.  Never did i imagine that marriages which are made in heaven can be lived on earth with harmony and satisfaction for decades.  What is the secret behind this successful innings ?  I can only presume that a steady batsmen believes in batting his innings on all pitches across the globe.  It only requires patience, persistance and planning and blessings of the lord almighty.

I received a call from Kolkatta from Murali a fortnight ago informing me that he wishes to celeberate his silver jubilee on 11th June and wished that we couple should grace the occasion.  Since my wife had her exams, i decided to go alone to represent our family.  It was history of sorts being repeated, while we attendend Murali's wedding in Chidambaram as bachelors.  So did other colleagues Balram, NMD, Kaladharan, Raja Reddy.  His college mate Kannan too graced the occasion. 

The morning program began with a pooja at the ammal and balaji temple in Annanagar, with a mock marriage arranged by his uncle, accompanied with a hearty breakfast at home.  It was followed with sponsoring lunch at the orphange for physically challenged.  I took a break with a visit to the Museum and travel to Raja Reddy's apartment at Gudvancherry.   We quickly returned via suburban train to venue Marina towers for the grand finale of celeberation.

What followed can be witnessed in action friends.  Please do watch the videos and draw your own conclusion.  I bet Murali has set a standard for celeberation which can rarely be emulated, i sincerely wish that we should tread his path in leading a good family life.  The icing on the cake for me personally was that he compared me to Rambo, It is an inspiration from the heart and soul of a true friend.  We all bless that Murali and his family should achieve all their goals in their life.  Long live the couple and rest they say is history.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


An innocent and prolonged cough for 2 weeks or more with flem or sputum can be sign of lung TB.  It was an eye opener when i visited the TB institute in Bangalore and got to know the symptoms of  TB from the staff over there.  The other symptoms are loss of appetite, mild fever, with running nose etc.  To rule out TB one has to get tested in the labs or get chest x-ray done in the hospitals designated for TB.  TB is infectious when it spreads through sputum, and it is vital that the patient concerned should be aware that it can be cured.  The govt. of  India has provided all the patients an avenue for free treatment, which can vary from 6 months to one year. 

In view of the epidemic nature of this disease which is contagious, it is vital people with symptoms should get themselves checked in the primary health centres, govt hospitals, and certain designated private hospitals where the treatment is offered free of cost.  The infection of lungs which is known as Pulmonary TB is dangerous, and it is contagious.  Generally the elderly or infants are prone to this disease.  Other types of TB is not contagious or infectious.  People who are diabetic are at greater risk of contracting such a disease due to weak immunity. 

TB has been in vogue from times immemorial, from the days of mummies in Egypt, TB has been associated with Vampireism before Industrial revolution.  In 1882 this dreaded disease was identified with the isolation of the bacillus causing the disease by Robert Koch.  He was awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery in 1905.  In 1960 september National Institute of  TB was inaugrated in Bangalore in the palace donated by the King.  The current office premise is located next to Cauvery theatre on the Bellary road.

TB is considered to be one of the disease of poverty, but it can spread to anyone who is weak in immunity. Thus in 2011 legislation in some countries have been passed to authorising coercive tuberculosis control measure.  The treatment for TB is by means of regular intake anti-biotics, and this is provided free of cost in all govt facilities.