Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taking the Bull by its Horn

OLE ! i never imagined that i will land in Bull ring with so many youngsters thronging the venue that too on a Sunday noon.  The weather in Blore was cloudy and windy, a sure shot sign of rain pouring. I landed at the relatively unknown venue, but i was surprised it happened to be property of ITC, than i realised it was safe haden, except for parking cars, which can be really messy affair.

Now if you could get your pictures into a hard copy, nothing can get better, thanks to HP.  They are Helping people to connect.  I happened to meet the organisers and Vineet the so called pimp seemed to be pleasantly surprised.  Reshma, Diana, Sudhakar, Anoop etc were friendly.  They wanted to know why i was so early, it was basically because i was cut off with another meeting being cancelled.  Being a civil defence guy, it is always good to be early.  I was able to invite my reluctant colleagues, who found the meet refreshing and entertaining to the core.

I guessed as much that 30 secs of fame would be introduction session.  The awards by HP made it more enticing.  Congrats to the winners.  Most of the awards went to guys who spoke first, i believe the law of diminishing returns apply to award and jury members Lol.  Our introduction session was cut to 15 secs.  I think the organisers of the meet would do good to have the meet at 1pm to avoid overshoot of time.

We listened to all the wonderful introduction from pint of beer being offered as consideration for jury by Gowriamma, to moronic musings by some guys, gay abandon introverts came out of their shell, it is difficult for a proflic blogger to speak up and many did speak up. 

Shiv anand gave an introduction to Pollution board initiative, which was picked by Deccan Herald reporter and published.  Next we had Shankar guru introducing Civil Defence to the group, and self gave a 1 minute perspective to civil defence. 

Posting comments on the backs was real fun and kept us busy.  Anoop compared the entire event with aplomb with startling statements and funny comments.  HATS off guys i am associated with other forums but so far nobody has taken off to this height, it is really orgasmic, which would be right terminology i suppose. 

Waiting eagerly to join you all guys in the next meet. Kudos to Indi blogger team and HP for sponsoring the even.


Mohan said...

Good to know you and your blog Umesh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts towards the end of the session, it was nice interacting with you.

umapoems said...

Well written.Thanks for sharing how a blogger's meeting would be.

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Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Well written.
I liked your advice when talking of civil defense.

Anonymous said...

nice narration. well put down.