Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Building your own Home

How many of us have had an experience of building their own home for living ?  Many of us would look for a hassle free solution in finalising a deal with already built apartment or independent bunglow, provided it suits our wallet.  The other solution is to buy a piece of land and build it through material contract.  The toughest one is to engage a labour contractor and get the things done.  Some of the perfectionist go and engage an engineer or architect and undertake the construction on their own.

One of the biggest incentive for those who undertake construction through a labour contractor or on their own, is that one ends up saving substantial sum of money in construction cost and ensure quality material being used.  In material contract lot of compromises are undertaken if the contractor is shrewd.  He would specify only generic product such as ISI wiring, Vitrified tiles, Standard batroom fittings, Emulsion paint, 53 GRADE cement, etc.  Thus at the end of the day quality of construction material can be compromised.  The ideal matrial contract should be given by specify each and every element of the material for example :

1.  Birla Super 53 grade cement
2.  Tata / Indus Tmt iron rods.
3.  Asian Emulsion paint
4.  Johnson Vitrified tiles 2x2 feet
5.  Jaguar tap fittings
6.  Hindware WC.

In case one goes for labour contract, than one contracts for the shell in terms of the structure only.  Rest of the finishing is undertaken vide, sub contracts for Tile fixing, Plumbing, Electrical, and Painting.  Even the interior in terms of carpentary is subcontracted. 

While construction is undertaken one has to undertake the following essentials in India :

A)  Vastu based construction to be embedden in the plan.  It will have better re sale value
B)  Pesticide treatment at the foundation stage to be undertaken
C)  Plan approval & regular inspection by engineer to issue directions in case of deviation.
D)  Curing of foundation, plinth or basement beams, slab curing and wall curing.
E)  Plumbing, Solar water heating pipeline to be incorporated.
F)  Ensure that concrete mixing is done in the right proportion particularly for the slab or cieling.
G)  Check out the leakage in underground sump tank.
H)  Provision for Sewage sump depending on approx waste generated.
I)   Rain water harvesting provision.

What are the problems one would likely to encounter while one has undertaken construction through labour contractor.  The problems faced by us were as follows :

1.  Heavy Rains may intervene construction speed, but at the same time pure water is an asset for curing.
2.  Security deployment and shed construction
3.  Robbery of material at site, water pump, pipes, cement, doors, latches,
4.  Death of a worker, natural death, unnatural or accident would invite problems.
5.  Price of raw material hiking or spurting up.  How to handle it is the key ?
6.  Electric lines or poles too close to one's construction site.  Needs shifting.
7.  Violating the road area, or neighbours plot.
8.  Handling objections from the neighbours.
9.  Demand for more wages or bonus from workers.
10.Anticipating problems from regulatory authorities for violation of rules.

But when you overcome all the hurdles and complete the house or sweet home, it is a feeling of elation, one has a sense of accomplishment.  The day for Gruhpravesh nears and you move in after the pooja or prayers.  The sense of achievement is immense.  The entire process of  handling all the problems gives one a sense of achievement.  I remember we used to build house as a child, with mud and twigs, but to construct a edifice for living drawn over a period of  8 to 12 months is really exciting and challenging.  Guys remember you build your once in a lifetime for living.  So don t compromise go for it.  Do all the homework before you commence your construction.  In case you require any practical tips, do get in touch with me derebail2008@gmail.com  GOOD LUCK

Remember house is made of bricks and mortar, but home is built with passion and fashion suiting your wallet.

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