Friday, November 4, 2011

Eating without Care, Ghar me Surf hai Na

For a compulsory foodie eating without care is a big luxury.  I am basically a lover of good food, who is not, exception to the rule may be counted on finger tips among my circle of family and friends.  I remember once i was on a jet flight towards Bangalore, we were given a napkin which had a perforation.  We could donn it on our shirt button to avoid spillage of food on our clothes.  It was a real thoughtful gesture i thought for foodie's, tailor made for food lover like me.  After a few months due to cost cutting airliners stopped giving away freebies like cold towel, napkins and other goodies.  I was wondering whether shifting to Bibs, would be ideal to protect my shirt particularly from spillage of food droppings, while devouring the goodies.  But my neck is large and a baby bib would be a misfit.

Guys it is a real blessing in disguise to have a good detergent.  My wife has tried all different types of detergent brand and she discovered that Surf is an ideal detergent.  I remember a friend of mine selling washing machine uttering with disdain regarding a competitor, Doya toh Roya ( if wash you will regret ).  The same may apply to other brands i presume.

Once i had stained my shirt with pan paraag stains.  It was one of my favourite Loius Philip shirt and you can imagine my plight.  Luckily my wife soaked in surf paste for almost two hours and put it for wash in surf soaked water in our washing machine.  The stain was so rigid that it took her a fortnight to get rid of the same.  I was damm happy that my shirt was salvaged at last. 

On another ocassion it was ball point ink which stained my shirt, well thankfully the stain was easily removed because of quick intervention of surf paste.  Even before my wife could discover that my shirt was stained i had applied the surf paste learning from the past experience and dropped it into the washing machine.  Hurray after two hours once the shirt was washing the stain was gone. 

When we migrated from semi automatic washing machine to automatic machine life became easy for my wife.  Life became more relaxed, earlier she used to run short of time for cooking my favourite food receipes.  Now i can look forward for various options in breakfast and dinner.  She has that extra time with an automatic washing machine and detergent combo.  She can just flick the buttons and forget the drudgery of manual operation.  Sometimes i help her in drying the clothes outside in the balcony.

The invention of automatic washing machine is a real boon for the housewives because they get that extra 1 or 2 hours to attend to other chores like cooking, cleaning or attending to childrens studies.  In this fast paced day to day life we need that extra time to sit and watch our favourite serial too. 

Guys now i am more carefree while hogging literally my favourite pasta dishes or a fish curry.  I know my wife and her knack of getting rid of dirt with Surf will do the trick.  I am sure she enjoys the phrase daag achhe hai, because it is a challenge to get rid of dirt and she knows that her favourite detergent is there forever to help her in her task.  No more Bibs or Napkins for me to protect my clothes.  I am looking forward others tryst with stained clothes.

NOTE :  For all those who are looking for stain solutions, Surf has provided an excellent link on their site


Maun Vision said...

very well said Umesh ji, It is a boon that megacorporate house is making surf excelmatic, which is an innovative combo of wonderful ingredients, which not only saves time, but the life of clothes too is enhanced.
well conceptualized.

Deguide said...

I hope the low foaming formula continues so that less and less water is being used while washing clothes

DS said...

Haha!! Nice post Umesh Ji...
I too am a big foodie and this is good, Surf Excel!!
All the Best, Check out my take on surf too(its related to cricket) :)

The Fool said...

Your have marketed the product nicely.

Someone is Special said...

ha ha.. Good post Umeshji.. All the best..

Someone is Special

Anonymous said...

Nice review of the product. At first, I thought you were writing a post for the new surf excel contest at indiblogger :P
I bet if they read it, the guys at HUL will want you as head of marketing or something :P

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