Friday, December 30, 2011

Where is the Party Tonight ?

I remember in early 1980's New Parties was full of fun with booze and dance flowing freely among the youths. The crowd which used to gather in and around the pubs in Brigade and M.G. Road was limited and manageable  We used to park our vehicles discreetly, so that we can get away quickly get back home after the new year countdown is over and greeting the friends is over.  Hotel Imperial used to be famous for parties with their famous Kebbabs.  Booze was never officially served over there, we are supposed to bring in our own bottle and serve ourselves.

Cops used to enjoy the revellers antics and celebrations.  It was never a crime to booze and ride or drive.  But one of the new year we had a tragic news that our common friend passed away in a bike accident, after that at least i decided that i will never drink and venture out in general.  All the New Year celebrations either used to before on 30th instant and used to encourage others too be along with their family members on New Year Eve.

The situation had changed so drastically in Bangalore that the crowd swell at Brigade and M.G.Road was tremendous, i happened to out in 2008, and to my surprise i found all the roads leading to bridges were closed by the cops.  It was the fear that 2 wheeler riders might have an accident on the flyovers which are mostly curvy in design.  Further the cops have started fining heavily if anybody is caught drinking and driving.  It is not worth paying the fines and getting humiliated on a new year day.  Some of the pubs and bars have drop arrangements too on paying the price to overcome this factor.

Timings for the bars have been relaxed this year upto 1 AM, which is a good sign.  Even the metro trains are supposed to up and running upto 1 AM.  In Mumbai too the bars will be open upto 5 am officially, and by that time the local train is ready to drop one to their sub urban home.  We never used to feel the pinch of partying in Mumbai particularly with the fantastic sub-urban train service linked with auto facility at the station.

Hopefully Bangalore will witness better celebration this year.  The weather too seems to be chilled out due to cyclonic effect on the Bay of  Bengal. Guys have a blast during this new year whether at home or outside.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

happy new year sir !
have a prosperous year ahead !