Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip away from Diwali Dhamaka

Life in Mumbai can be so hetic and tiring, so we decided to break away from the Diwali Dhamaka ( fireworks ) in our huge apartment complex.  We started early morning towards Alibaug with halt at Pen.  We reached Alibaug by noon, we booked a room on the seashore.  We could over the Alibaug fort, but could not make it to the Fort since the Tide was set to rise.  Next day we decided to proceed towards Murud Zanjira through Revas Danda.

We were enjoying a refreshing drive from Alibaug towards Murud Zanjira, the fort located in midst of the Arabian sea. Just a few kilometers, of before murud some archeological board was sighted at a distance. Well it was all barbed and fenced, we had to park our maruti 800  inside the muddy road, lest it gets stolen from the main road. We breached the barbed wire fence and started climbing a winding stairs for so called " mysterious caves " The caves were so well preserved that ASI is obviously doing some restoration work, because of destruction of natural forces, like rain and sunshine, etc. But vandalism has definitely taken place because, lot of statues are mutiliated and plundered.
These caves maybe contemporary to Ajanta, Ellora caves because of the crude nature of sculpture. We were enamoured but still a sense of insecurity was prevailing just imagine such a huge area and not a single soul except us. We quickly had a tour and took some snaps and returned to base enroute to Murud. Enroute one more spot belonging to Nawabs we discovered but entry is prohibited to the palace.

We stood on the hillock and took lovely photos, along with horses for the courses. Later i wanted to trace the history of the caves which was not available. Then with small clues from ASI, which has listed number of caves in Maharastra the trail began, i managed to connect to Gazette and from there on to independent research and finally I discovered the name as KUDA caves, may be these magnificient set of caves NO 26 nos will be thrown open to public.

 It dates back to ASHOKA period as per the reasearcher, being close to the port of RAJAPURI and CHAUL one has to see it as an exclusive tribute to adventure. Trekkers keep this spot on your radar you will carry memories lasting for ever for its discovery. I did explore in 2001 after 9/11.
This was one of the discovery of sorts of  in Nov 2001.  A trip we relished for the sheer adventure and added to the discovery trial.  We were privileged to be one of the early birds after ASI team had identified this spot as heritage area.  I would rate this as one of the best road trips undertaken so far.  If  we had a Mahindra 500 SUV, than probably we would have been re-assured regarding the safety of vehicle.


Maun Vision said...

really well penned post. excellent.

Arti said...

Wonderful travel account, Umeshji. This is one place I am yet to explore. Would love to be here someday. All the best with the contest :)

Team G Square said...

Nice to read about this place . All the best for the contest .

The Fool said...

Seems like a very interesting trip. Really lovely photos.

manav said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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