Saturday, June 11, 2011

Silver Jubilee celeberation of a beautiful couple

When Archimedes proclaimed give me a LEVER, I shall lift the world.  Yes this is what our dear friend and ex colleauge Murali did yesterday on the occasion of  his 25th wedding anniversary.  He literally leveraged and cheer lead from the front with his wife Vanitha and children acting as support team.  In his speech he took us back into future with his anecdotes and lavish praise for family and friends.  Never did i imagine that marriages which are made in heaven can be lived on earth with harmony and satisfaction for decades.  What is the secret behind this successful innings ?  I can only presume that a steady batsmen believes in batting his innings on all pitches across the globe.  It only requires patience, persistance and planning and blessings of the lord almighty.

I received a call from Kolkatta from Murali a fortnight ago informing me that he wishes to celeberate his silver jubilee on 11th June and wished that we couple should grace the occasion.  Since my wife had her exams, i decided to go alone to represent our family.  It was history of sorts being repeated, while we attendend Murali's wedding in Chidambaram as bachelors.  So did other colleagues Balram, NMD, Kaladharan, Raja Reddy.  His college mate Kannan too graced the occasion. 

The morning program began with a pooja at the ammal and balaji temple in Annanagar, with a mock marriage arranged by his uncle, accompanied with a hearty breakfast at home.  It was followed with sponsoring lunch at the orphange for physically challenged.  I took a break with a visit to the Museum and travel to Raja Reddy's apartment at Gudvancherry.   We quickly returned via suburban train to venue Marina towers for the grand finale of celeberation.

What followed can be witnessed in action friends.  Please do watch the videos and draw your own conclusion.  I bet Murali has set a standard for celeberation which can rarely be emulated, i sincerely wish that we should tread his path in leading a good family life.  The icing on the cake for me personally was that he compared me to Rambo, It is an inspiration from the heart and soul of a true friend.  We all bless that Murali and his family should achieve all their goals in their life.  Long live the couple and rest they say is history.

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