Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Married in B W celeberated silver jubilee in colour

In 1986 it was an era of  black and white photographs. I vividly remember we attended the marriage of  Murali in Chidambaram on a scorching summer of 11th June, We colleagues had travelled all the way from Chittoor to attend the wedding of the early birds Murali and Vanitha.  This vague memory of the black and white era faded till i recieved a surprise call from my friend Murali that he is inviting us to participate in the silver jubilee celeberation of his wedding in Manor Towers, comfort Inn at Chennai. 

How the transformation from black and white era in celeberations or coverage of events in one life has taken place is amazing.  Our lives took a transformation from 1990 onwards virtually with colleagues joining different organisations.  Murali joined Levers and took his career on a growth path with assignments in beverage, animal feeds and ice cream  Pandu  joined Gillette and Reckit & Benkaiser, Mohan joined J & J and Kevin Care, Kaladharan joined Godrej and Butterfly, Balaram joined Ruchi and Fresh & Honest, Raja Reddy joined Alwyn and Duncan and self joined Kurl-on & Hindustan Pencils. 

After a gap of twenty five years we all have developed shades of grey hair, some prefer to die it and some flaunt it as symbol of experience.  Our kith and kins have been approaching marriagable age, and taking up gainful employment in different areas of interest.  Nevertheless some of  not overtly perturbed by niggling health problems in the form of  BP & Diabetes.  We have been lucky to be blessed by supporting spouses who have laid the foundation for the future.

We are happy to have graduated from an era of  black and white into colour.  Life is ever changing and full of surprises like the seasons of nature.  When we look down the memory lane we find that we have met all our goals and now in the process of entering a retired life.  Life is just a journey, one has to travel its full length with suitable breaks and breather.  Guys enjoy the drive and share your joys in coloured format with your friends and relatives.


Anonymous said...

A very different and unique take on colour. Loved it.

Good luck for the contest :-)

Sairam said...

Going from an era of B & W to color is an apt line for summarizing the changes. Good post. All the best

Anonymous said...

That's like it, I bet you are enjoying your colorful life, cheers for the graduation, your family photo is a real delight.

Arti said...

Very beautiful post, so full of colors...I liked it! All the Best for the contest :)

Someone is Special said...

unique and beautiful post.. Nice snap too.. and will my life be colourful ?

Someone is Special

Chitz said...

worth reading!!!and tell me What Color Do I Paint??