Thursday, June 30, 2011

UID Mess Up ?

I believe the top notch echelon of beaureacracy were involved in devising a strategy for developing and implementing UID.  It was launched with great fanfare on saturday 25/6/11 with 10 post offices premises being authorised in Bangalore but private agencies involved in ensuring compliance.

The idea of creating a common identity for an Indian with biometric should be ensured quickly and efficiently without compromising on the safeguards.  I found to my surprise ultimately UID can become a money making racket with application forms not being numbered or serialised.  It would lead to mad scramble and duplication.  Once an application is issued, it has to be serialised, cell nos obtained, so that the token no and date and timing can be sent by SMS to the concerned, for submission date along with documents enclosed.

There are four categories of identification documents to be submitted for POI, POA, POR & DOB.  Each category has a detailed list of acceptable documents, one more  column national population register survey no is included.  All these are cumbersome process involved along with biometic.  The huge wastage of stationery, power and manhours in processing is envisaged with expenditure incurred on pvt agencies.  This process will be prolonged and it could extend upto 3 years with migrant population increasing in Bangalore.

Further the storage of  hard copies or scanning the same for soft copy or shredding will all amount to logistic mess up.  God forbid if these documents fall into possession of  criminals, we can expect white collar crimes in terms of opening fake bank accounts, and cell connection are only few examples. 

Solutions :  Bangalore being an IT city, it is better to experiment online registration by including the criteria for registration and ultimately being physically made available for biometric.  The application submitted on line can be physically verified by the concerned with originals or with IT Dept or Election commission. For example :

1. Pan Card  2.  Election Id card 3 Passport copy  4 Cell number etc.

This will take off a huge burden of processing by the pvt parties concerned.  The queue system will be regulated and transperant.  Current system of handing over xerox copies of the documents is always filled with danger, with our pan card xerox copy can be misused or passport copies can misued to open a fake bank account or obtain a cell number.

The outlet for handling such a huge task will be quicker if  Bangalore one is opened up, their staff are experts in this field after having handled issuance of passport.  Even premises and facilities of  IT and Software companies can be utilised to expediate the process.  Instead of  taking almost 3 years to issue an IUD for the entire populace of  Bangalore, if it is completed with 3 months it will be feather in the cap of  UID management. Currently Karnataka is grappling with the issue of weeding out fake ration card, out of  1.5 crore ration card nearly 50% are bogus.  How can we ensure that fake or duplicate ID s are not issued is serious question which remains to be answered

Our PM states that UID can bring down corruption drastically, prima facia yes it can bring down corruption but it has to be implemented in the truest sense.  De facto if the UID is linked to bank accounts, credit cards, and other commercial transactions it can monitor an individual s income levels and spending pattern.  This will act as a cue for the IT department to assess the income levels of an individual.  UID combined with cellphone nos, a citizen can be tracked for his movement too.

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