Friday, June 24, 2011

Bombay Viking Live

Leave Office early today campaign almost came a cropper for the organisers with rain gods pouring in and around the venue.  The show which was scheduled to begin at 6 pm and to be wound up by 9 pm started almost two hours behind schedule.  The assembled crowd had to bear with a brave emecee who had to resort to all sorts of gimmicks to keep the crowd quiet and entertained.  I believe the show was well managed considering the odds of monsoon shower disrupting the show, the organisers ensured that it had to be indoor venue.  Car parking was free unlike other shows.  The security of the family crowd was well maintained, for the first time i saw bouncers employed apart from private security guards, there was no visibility of any cops around, which is a great achievement in itself. 

Neeraj Sridhar whose album Kya Surat hai catapulted him to the singing arena was the highlight of the program and thankfully he sung it at around 9.15 pm a full half an hour before so that the crowd can start dispersing in an orderly manner.  Lucky Ali inaugrated the live concert with lighting of the lamp.  It would have been a surprise if he had joined the singing along with Neeraj sridhar, but he look leave as soon as one or two numbers were sung by Neeraj Sridhar.

Who Chaali Woh Challi was another chart buster, which made the crowd go bonkers.  This song witnessed crowd go into jig in their enclosures and the stage too had some dancers swinging their hips.  The sound system was a disappointment to a large extent maybe the technical aspects of fury of nature was not taken into consideration while setting up the same.  The big screen was a face saving feature which enabled the enthusiastic crowd in the back bench to sit and enjoy the show.

I was fortunate to be allowed into the corporate enclosure and close to VIP arena, i had a comfortable table to be seated and shot the photo and videos.  I witnessed how the crowd of gatecrashers were being managed by the bouncers and security.  Overall Bombay Viking show did not flop and it was good to notice that the crowd was decent and restrained in their enjoyment of the show.  I suspect leave early campaign was an excuse to many passholders to have their private parties at home rather than being stuck up at the venue.  I believe we packed up too early to listen to his latest no in Ready Mai karo toh sala character dheela hai, tum karo toh sala character rangeela hai.  Overall the Neeraj Sridhar show did not flop because the organisers ensured that.  Hats off to Tatatele, the sponsorers of the show.

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